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Beginning our journey with God starts by taking the initial actions to develop a connection with Him and make it grow sevenfold.

Rev. Robert Mendonca, author of Joy for the Journey (a book about Christian joy), wants everyone to know how to improve our connection with God. A connection that will eventually intertwine our stories with the Greatest Story ever told. Readers will certainly enjoy and benefit from the insights Robert has to offer, thanks to his experiences as a retreat master, priest, and convention.

Today, we’ll discuss how someone can start their journey towards God by following the road and journey to God’s love.

Start by Realizing That Humans Are Designed to Depend on God

Some contend that depending on God is a sign of weakness and that he serves as a crutch for individuals who are unable to support themselves. Having such a strong need for God in your life is not a deficiency, any more than having food or air.

God made us able to look beyond ourselves for the things we require. It was meant to be us depending on Him. “Self-made person” is a complete oxymoron. Nobody created themselves.

Neither did we come into being, nor were we meant to fend for ourselves in the world. Instead, God hardwired us to rely on Himself. The only thing you can do to achieve superhuman achievements is to exercise trust in Him. This allows you to access God’s limitless strength and knowledge instead of your mortal power and understanding.

Don’t Worry too Much Because God Delivers What You Need

What do you do when faced with a challenging or agonizing circumstance and unsure what to do? Sadly, a lot of individuals only take one of two actions.

They start by doing what didn’t work the first time. They put forth more effort to achieve in their careers, to maintain a healthy relationship, or to break bad habits or patterns. For example, people constantly dieting persuade themselves that “this time it will work.” After another argument or breakup, the victim of abuse returns to the relationship, believing that this time the abuser would behave differently.

Beginning our journey with God would require us to grab a book about Christian joy. Robert Mendonca’s Joy for the Journey is perfect for this because he teaches readers how to intertwine their stories with God. If you ever want to start the journey to reach God, Rev. Robert Mendonca can help you.

All That God Needs Is Our “Yes” to Start the Journey

How is this miracle accomplished? How can we transcend our limitations and access the strength, knowledge, and assets of God Alone? Too appealing to be true, it appears. Is it exclusive to those who are exceptionally gifted or exceptional?

Millions of individuals have found, as the Bible states, that everyone has equal access to God’s riches and power. They are a gift we can only accept when we humbly admit our dependence on our Creator. God says, “Come to me, and I will provide what you need,” repeatedly throughout the Bible.

He’s prepared to fully commit himself to you. Saying “yes” to Him is all that is required. He will give you what you require to find the route when you do.

However, as you travel with God, there will be moments when His method is genuinely miraculous, and you must put in a lot of effort, develop, and change. Sometimes, it will be an alternate and even better route than the one you initially believed you required. However, when God creates a method, it is genuine, significant, and long-lasting.

Beginning Our Journey With God Starts With You

When you’re unsure of what to do, how do you proceed? To which place do you turn? How do you respond when you have no idea where God is leading or what He is doing?

Rev. Robert Mendonca is here to help everyone who doesn’t know how or where to begin. Joy for Journey, a book about Christian joy, offers great perspectives and teachings that can benefit people’s minds when taking their first steps toward God. Grab a copy of the book today and read some of our other articles to improve your ability to navigate the royal road to a joyful connection with God!

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