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The Bible consistently emphasizes the role of joy in the life of a believer and its relevance in sharing the gospel. 

Joy in Christianity plays a central and vital role in our walk with God since it reflects the essence of the faith’s teachings and beliefs. It’s a life aspect heavily rooted in the relationship between believers and God. Today, we will investigate why joy is lacking in today’s churches.

One of the most well-known passages regarding joy in Christianity is found in Philippians 4:4 (NIV). It encourages believers to “rejoice in the Lord always.” What does this imply in terms of being joyful in worship? The verse underscores the notion that joy in the Lord is not just a fleeting emotion but a state of being that should characterize the Christian life.

Moreover, the assurance of Christ’s presence in our lives is a source of profound joy that none can consistently give. Finding joy in God even when things go wrong can strengthen us, especially when tough times unexpectedly hit.

The Transformative Power of Joy in Christianity

Now that we have established the Biblical foundation of joy in Christianity, let’s explore why joy matters and how it can change lives through the following points:


Joy is undeniably magnetic. When we approach Christianity with pleasure, it becomes more attractive to others. People are naturally drawn to those who exude happiness and positivity because such a state must be shared with others to make a positive impact. Furthermore, joyful Christians within the Church are more likely to engage others in meaningful conversations about faith.


Authenticity is vital in the Church, especially when met with temptations, even among fellow Christians. People can sense when someone is genuine in their beliefs and intentions, especially their commitment to the ministry work. Serving the Church reflects our sincere faith and conviction, making our servanthood more credible.

Testimony of Resilience and Transformation

Joy in Christianity is a powerful testimony, even among those saved with God’s grace. When others in the Church see how the Lord can continually transform us daily, they may be spiritually replenished from the drought they experience with their personal walk.

The Lack of Joy in Christianity Among Churches Today

While joy in Christianity is considered a crucial element, it can sometimes be sapped away for specific reasons like:

Legalism and Pharisaical Attitudes

Churches that emphasize rigid adherence to religious rules and regulations can sometimes foster a legalistic environment that suppresses joy. Moreover, the anomaly of a joyless Church can lead to its core downfall since this is a body of Christ. We defeat Christ’s purpose when we act too uptight around fellow believers who are there to serve with authenticity and joy.

Additionally, we begin to rob them of that when we act like the Pharisees who constantly nitpicked Jesus on His ministry. Embodying a judgmental or self-righteous atmosphere can drive away newcomers, but more so, the ones we have served with for a while. Such instances can stifle the joy of experiencing God’s grace and acceptance. This can lead to performance-focused worship rather than a genuine relationship with God.

Doctrinal Differences and Controversies

Churches embroiled in theological controversies or disputes may prioritize doctrinal correctness over joy, leading to a divisive and joyless atmosphere. Tensions may rise when church leaders, workers, and average attendees clash regarding their personal views of the Christian faith. Ultimately, it becomes a mess because the joy in Christianity was replaced by the urge to be correct, an equal counterpart with condemnation.

Spiritual Burnout

Being tired of doing ministry is sadly inevitable at some point. Still, it shouldn’t deter us from continually serving the Lord. Pastors and Church leaders can experience burnout from the demands of ministry, which may affect their ability to cultivate joy within the congregation.

Moreover, we encounter spiritual struggles that we conceal rather than share the burden with fellow believers in the Church. Over time, external commitments can cause us to waver in our spiritual duty. That’s why we need Joy for the Journey by Robert Mendonca, for our spiritual replenishment throughout our walk with God. By reading spiritually beneficial books like that, we may even rediscover our lost joy in Christianity and see it in a different light.

Final Thoughts

Joy in Christianity is a precious gift from the Lord, and it shouldn’t be snuffed out. But our finite humanness can sometimes cause our lack of joy, so we should continually depend on God. He is our ultimate source of joy, which never runs out and is there any time. Christian living is often a spiritual warfare that we must endure patiently until Christ’s return. However, rest assured that God keeps us afloat as we cruise through life with utmost joy.

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