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Righting wrongs has always been humanity’s forte. However, when it comes to religion, this endeavor can become challenging. How do people reconnect with God?

Life gets busy.

In the years that people are thrown into existence, they will be given challenges and endeavors that will make them both fulfilled yet exhausted. Life is a balance of good and evil, of black and white. There will be days when people find themselves heading north and days they’ll plummet down south. However exhausting, this contradiction is what makes life worthwhile. Satisfaction is found in the constant grapple between staying alive and living.

However, amid the hustle and bustle, people may often find themselves too busy to care about what matters. While trying to stay afloat, they may overlook how they’ve already drifted away from their faith. When people are too busy with life, they veer toward practicality rather than hope and faith.

This is when trouble brews.

Do People Naturally Seek After God?

What is man?

When numerous creatures are thriving, what makes man distinct from the others? Is it found in his ability to stand on both feet and be mobile with them? Is it because they’ve managed to create separate languages and communicate with each other?

There can be multiple factors separating man from others. But what stands out is his ability to connect and trust in the divinity. For years, humans have possessed the natural tendency to gravitate towards religion. With their desire to find the meaning of life, they seek spirituality and enlightenment. In believing that clarity befalls those who practice goodness, most may often see themselves growing toward religiosity.

However, there are always stops to every journey and cracks to every surface. And in people’s spiritual journey, interruptions will call for them to reconnect with God.

Robert Mendonca has written a book that fully captures the ups and downs of people’s spiritual journey. In Joy for the Journey, he posits that the spiritual endeavor everyone pursues won’t always be positively linear. They won’t always be in the light, filled with happiness and an ever-positive outlook. Instead, there will be times when they’re thrust into dire situations that will shove them into hopelessness. In acknowledging this, people will be more than prepared to address this drought and step back into the right path toward spirituality.

While man can be naturally religious, he’s still susceptible to mistakes – situations that will pull him away from his creator. Hence, situations will always call for him to reconnect with God.


Mending The Disconnect, How People Reconnect With God?

God is always there. But it’s people who find themselves straying away from Him.

Regardless of how religious they are, it’s common for Christians to disengage with Christ. In the process of surviving life and going through its flow, they may find themselves exhausted or pulling away from Him. Instead of growing closer, they drift apart and fall out. Such a calling to reconnect with God happens even to the strongest Christians. This can even occur without them realizing it.

However, while it sounds frightening, this spiritual drift can be quickly addressed. The answer lies in paying attention, not only to decisions people make but also to what they’ve heard, seen, and absorbed.

Acknowledge The Distance, But Don’t Feel Shameful

Honesty will always go a long way when it comes to relationships. This is also applicable to people’s relationship with God. If they believe they haven’t been faithful and close with Him, the first step to finding a solution is by being honest.

God forgives, especially those who genuinely talk to Him.

When people are adrift, shame and guilt are commonly the mind’s initial response. These can be a natural reaction. But people shouldn’t allow themselves to feel them for too long. For one, they aren’t resolutions to the problem. While they’re normal, they can also make people struggle to come back up. Instead of helping them reconnect with God, shame and guilt can further pull them away.

When reconnecting with Him, people should be in the right head and heart space. They shouldn’t be welcoming thoughts of shame and guilt clouding their love and desire to improve. They can acknowledge the distance they’ve taken. But they must also believe that what they’ve done is unintentional and that the decision to reconnect with God is what’s intentional.

Take It Slow And Cautiously Build A Discipline

It seems sinful to believe that people can be exhausted with religion. But when you’re thrust with different endeavors and challenges, burning out of faith may begin to sound possible.

When it’s time to reconnect with God, going big may not be the most beneficial. Instead, people must start small and focus on achieving the “small wins.” They must treat themselves like children learning something for the first time. They must learn to take baby steps toward achieving a solid routine and developing a discipline that will help rebuild their relationship.

This can be spending at least five minutes of prayer every day or finding the time to reach out and open up with God. Either way, to reconnect with Him, people must start small – doing sustainable and not exhausting, small yet powerful activities.

When it comes to reconnecting with God, repentance is critical. This isn’t only about their shortcomings but also the fact that they’ve committed them. To successfully mend their relationship, people must first show kindness to themselves. Before taking a step forward, they must step back and acknowledge their faults.

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